wbAvaTax v2.30.0 Released

  • Wednesday, 24th August, 2022
  • 12:20pm

wbAvaTax for WHMCS

Today we release the latest version v2.30 of our module AvaTax for WHMCS.  This release includes two notable feature enhancements, along with some additional patches and improvements.

Tax Exemption: You may now utilize the Tax Exempt flag within WHMCS to wholly exempt tax processing for a customer.  This was previously restricted to enforce Exemption Code and Use Type utilization.  This feature is disabled by default, and may be enabled by selecting the "Observe Tax Exemption" option in the main configuration.

VAT Tax Enhancement: You may now select to transmit the WHMCS Tax / Vat ID value to AvaTax with the get tax operations.  This feature was previously unavailable to enforce use of a Custom VAT (client) field that would be provided by the client.  You may now choose either the stock WHMCS Tax ID field or a custom field for the VAT value.

To download the latest copy please login to your account and visit the Services > My Services section, open your wbAvaTax product and then the "Downloads" tab.  Also new to this version is a requirement to apply an application license key to your installation.  The license key is available to copy from your service detail page. 

If you do not already have an account or need additional license keys you will need to register a new module service instance.  The module is provided at no cost, and you may create as many service instances as you require.  Each service instance is keyed for a specific domain, identified during license validation. 

Please use the following link to apply for a new account or service instance:

A copy of the full change log may be viewed here:


The Holodyn Team

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