wbTeamPro for WHMCS v7 Available for download

  • Friday, 7th October, 2016
  • 15:24pm

Upgrade Available

A new version of wbTeamPro is now available for download or automatic OTA installation.  This version is compatible with both WHMCS v6.3+ and v7+.  If you have not already upgraded WHMCS, we recommend that you upgrade or disabled wbTeamPro before performing the upgrade.

To update your installation simply open the "Upgrade" tab from the wbTeamPro configuration area.  Older installations versions will require the package be downloaded from the services area of your account @ billing.holodyn.com.  If you do not see the update available please login and download from our website.

Ioncube Requirements

This version is provided in two versions, encoded either in Ioncube 8.3 for PHP 5.3, or Ioncube 9.0 for PHP 5.6.  v3.11.x will be the only series provided in the two variants.

New Features:

- WHMCS v7 Compliance- Create Action from Ticket Dialog
- Improved select fields UI (Chosen)


# 3.8.15-stable.0
- API Improvements & Bugsquash

# 3.9.0-stable.0
- Added a New Action from Ticket feature

# 3.10.0-stable.0
- Implemented jquery.chosen for select dialogs

# 3.11.0-stable.0
- Applied new wbOTAUpdate logic (pending final OTA specs)
- Modified Smarty usage for WHMCS v7 compliance
- Update SMTP handler timeout to 10sec
- Patch SMTP handler bug
- Patch client breadcrumb bug
- Client view cleanup / bootstrap compliance
- Remove all selectize js content from package

# 3.11.0-stable.1
- Repackaged with Ioncube 9.0, PHP 5.6

# 3.11.1-stable.0
- Added compiler environment to OTA request

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