Another major update to the wbTimeLog Addon for WHMCS has been released that includes a updates for license validation, our TeamproBridge class, and other user interface updates.
We also fixed some bugs related to the styling of the monthly report and another bug with wbTeamPro timelog links in the list.

Updates Include:
1) Forced the current year to be included in the monthly report, even if there is no time recorded in that month.
2) Updated our licensing to work with the Multibrand product.
3) Added Singleton method to TeamproBridge class.
4) Patched a styling conflict that was appearing on the monthly report.
5) Patched a bug with wbTeamPro Timelog links.

We're also in the process of finishing an API that will make remote integration possible.  Look forward to that with an upcoming release.

Download your copy of wbTimeLog by logging into your account @ or purchase a new license by going to products page and scrolling down to wbTimeLog here: 

Thank you,

The Holodyn Team

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

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