A new version of wbTeamPro is now available for download or automatic OTA installation.  This version requires WHMCS v7.1 to operate properly. This update includes language updates, project search enhancements, a Portuguese admin language file and client view user interface improvements.

To update your installation simply open the "Upgrade" tab from the wbTeamPro configuration area.  Older installations versions will require the package be downloaded from the services area of your account @ billing.holodyn.com.  If you do not see the update available please login and download from our website.

This latest version provides a few bug and feature tweaks including:

v3.16.2 Updates include:

  • Date picker functionality has been improved in the client view.
  • Deprecated the jQuery timepicker plugin.
  • Corrected client view dates to display correct formats.
  • Portuguese language added to the admin language file.
  • Improved project list view to include the project id next to the project name.
  • Improved project search to include project ID.


Have a suggestion for wbTeamPro for WHMCS? Check out our Feature Tracker.

Have a questions or comment? Submit a ticket with our Support Department.

Monday, February 6, 2017

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