wbTimeLog v3.17.0 for WHMCS Released

  • Friday, 1st June, 2018
  • 00:00am

A new version of wbTimeLog is now available for download. This version requires WHMCS v7.2 or higher to operate properly, and is compatible with the recent v7.5 release and Ioncube 10 encoder.

To update your installation download the latest copy from the services area of your account @ https://billing.holodyn.com.

Here is the recent changelog:

2018-03-01 - v3.15.3-stable.0
- Fundamental: Tweak to language handler to prevent
  overcome risk of global collision with other addons
- Fundamental: Modififed overage billing to allow
  for ZERO rounding option when calculating credits

2018-04-10 - v3.15.3-stable.1
- Fundamental: Package for Ioncube 10

2018-04-10 - v3.15.4-stable.0
- Bug: Patch language class handler for API
- Fundamental: Patch API DELETE for WHMCS 7.5 compliance

2018-04-18 - v3.15.5-stable.0
- Bug: Patch PHP error

2018-05-16 - v3.16.0-stable.0
- Fundamental: Modified controller for WHMCS session compliance
- Fundamental: Added userid and ref update to wbTeamPro Bridge operations

2018-06-01 - v3.17.0-stable.0
- Feature: Show only related timelogs when viewing ticket
- Feature: Added timelog column to the timelog list view

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