wbTimeLog v4.4.0 for WHMCS Released

  • Monday, 30th March, 2020
  • 16:13pm

A new version of wbTimeLog is now available for download. This version requires WHMCS v7.9 or higher to operate properly, and is compatible with the WHMCS v7.9 series.

This version squashes a few bugs and includes a few additions including:

  • Date selection / calendar widget compliance with WHMCS v7.9
  • Footer totals within administrators timelog management view
  • Patched error with debit calculations with service InvoicePaid events
  • Added parsing and display of hours in Hour/Min/Sec format on Timelog / Credit form fields.  You can now enter 2h 15m instead of 2.25 if you choose.  Rendering follows existing format selection in the configuration.
  • Lookup of client specific overrage billing rate is applied to the new credit form rate field
  • Removed the timelog note requirement.  You can now post timelogs with empty notes.

To update your installation download the latest copy from the services area of your account @ https://billing.holodyn.com.

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