WHMCS v8 Compatibility

  • Thursday, 1st October, 2020
  • 12:46pm

We are excited about the recent release of WHMCS v8 and the many new improvements it delivers.  As always we are dedicated to maintaining compatibility with the latest WHMCS suite and are working through our catalog to test all issues.

At this time we've confirmed and released a new version of wbTeamPro that includes WHMCS v8 compatibility along with several patches and a paste clipped image feature.  You can update wbTeamPro using the integrated update tool, or download the lastest package from our services area.  This latest release v3.45 is requires WHMCS v8 and PHP 7.2 or higher.  wbTeamPro v3.44 will be the last minor release for WHMCS v7.

We have found no conflicts with wbTimeLog and WHMCS v8, so will not be releasing an additional package at this time.

We will continue reviewing the remaining packages in our suite and release any required updates shortly.  Please report any issues you may encounter.

As always we appreciate the WHMCS community support.

Stay Safe & Healthy,

David Hunt
The Holodyn Team

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