wbTimeLog v4.18.0 Released

  • 28th February 2023
Our latest version of wbTimeLog is ready to roll.  This release fixes an installation issue introduced with the 4.17 package, along with some updates to the timelog and credit API. To update your installation download the latest copy from the services area of your account @ Changes since our last posted release ...
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wbAvaTax v2.30.0 Released

  • 24th August 2022
Today we release the latest version v2.30 of our module AvaTax for WHMCS.  This release includes two notable feature enhancements, along with some additional patches and improvements. Tax Exemption: You may now utilize the Tax Exempt flag within WHMCS to wholly exempt tax processing for a customer.  This was previously restricted to enforce ...
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wbTimeLog v4.10.0 for WHMCS Released

  • 18th August 2022
Smelling as sweet as fresh baked apple pie, our latest version of wbTimeLog is ready for you to take a slice.  Without a doubt one of our most requested features is finally ready to simplify your client retainer billing experience.  Overage Billing HistoryTo compliment our popular Overage Billing feature, you can now choose to include a ...
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wbAvaTax v2.29.0 Released

  • 20th August 2021
We are excited to announce the latest version of our AvaTax for WHMCS package v2.29.0 is now available for download.  Our latest release includes client specific Billable Item Tax Code tracking, guaranteeing that every line item you invoice will be tagged and taxed accurately.  Whenever creating a new Billable Item, a relationship to the product ...
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