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Virtuemart Plugins (3)
This is a collection of plugins written for the Virtuemart eCommerce System for Joomla.
wbAdvert (6)
The wbAdvert by is a Advanced Joomla! Banner Management Component that provides a dynamic system for managing your advertisements using relationships between Menus, Sections, Categories, and Content items. The wbAdvert Joomla Component can be used for strategic placement of advertisements or content throughout your website. Multiple Groups are tied to the display module(s) which can be ordered, each providing options for total ads with a random, name, and ad order options. Multiple Advertisements are tied to the groups which can be configured in relationship to Sections, Categories, Content Items, and Menu Items. Each advertisement providing options for impression totals, run start/stop period, and an automatic pruning of expired ads feature. Ads can be images, flash swf files, or a custom code.
wbGallery Image Gallery (10)
wbGallery is a clean Image Gallery for Joomla! that is simple to use and can be configured for many uses. The wbGallery is built on a very clean and streamlined code base, and utilizes simple style techniques to allow for an extremely customizable presentation. The wbGallery can support multiple category levels, and an unlimited set of image items. The image upload feature can support ZIP / GZIP compression and folder scanning for quick image insertion. The image management provides drag-and-drop functionality for simple image organization. The wbGallery is provided FREE through the GNU/GPL license. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.


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