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Avalara AvaTax for WHMCS - Manual
Manual for the wbAvaTax system
Fil størrelse: 650 kB
VirtueMart VirtualMerchant Payment Module
VirtualMerchant Payment Module for VirtueMart - VirtualMerchant_Nova_Elavon_Payment_Class_VirtueMart_v102
Fil størrelse: 372 kB
Ampache Jukebox Flash Skin onResize Mod
This modification adds SKIN functionality for tracking the Stage onResize event. Included with this is a sample SKIN XML file that uses this feature to create a resizing Trackbar & Playlist. IE - when you resize the Flash Player window, the player expands to fit the window. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Backup the current folders / files: /[root]/modules/flash /[root]/templates/ Install the contents of the following ZIP file.
Fil størrelse: 222 kB
WHMCS UTF8 Database Convert
This script will read a database and provide SQL code for converting all database tables & table fields to use the utf8_general_ci character set. This script should be run in conjunction with the instructions found here:
Fil størrelse: 1.79 kB
wbAdvert Bundle v2.5.0 for Joomla! v25x
wbAdvert Banner Manager for Joomla! v2.5.x Series Only - This is a package that includes the wbAdvert Component. Display module, Rotating display module, Content display plugin, and Flash display wrapper. This package can be installed directly using the Extensions manager, or you can unzip and install each part separately.
Fil størrelse: 106 kB