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Disk Space Analyzer and Disk Usage Graph

Years ago when I received my first computer, I started a battle that I assume will be waged to the end of my days. The battle for Disk Space. With every new computer, the drives get larger and larger. While the capacity keeps growing, so do my interests, and why shouldn't they?

The ShowMan Disk Space Analysis Tool is an excellent and FREE tool that you can use on a Windows computer to scan your hard drive and view the space being used. The graph that ShowMan creates is a simple Pie Chart that represents the folders on your drive and how much space they are using. This tool has been extremely helpful over the years for finding the cause of my hard drive space frustrations!

To learn more about the ShowMan Disk Space Analyzer, visit the developers webpage here:

Screen shot of ShowMan at work

From their website...

Program to help recover disk space.  Gives pie-chart view of disk usage, including unused space, with the ability to drill down into folders.  Shows actual or nominal space occupied. Knows about the effects of cluster sizes.  If you want a piechart of your FTP space on an ISP, look at my FTPpie utility.

The ShowMan tool was developed by David Taylor, who apparently rocks. You can visit their home page here:


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