Military Alphabet Converter Tool

We need to use standards, and learning the NATO Military Alphabet is something that can make phone commications a lot easier. To help learn this, we've created a simple script that will convert the phrases you enter into their appropriate phonetic terms.  The Military Alphabet Converter that you can use to quickly convert a word into the appropriate military phrase.

Click Here for the Military Alphabet Converter.

Below is a list of the standard Military Alphabet.

A - Alpha
B - Bravo
C - Charlie
D - Delta
E - Echo
F - Foxtrot
G - Golf
H - Hotel
I - India
J - Juliet
K - Kilo
L - Lima
M - Mike
N - November
O - Oscar
P - Papa
Q - Quebec
R - Romeo
S - Sierra
T - Tango
U - Uniform
V - Victor
W - Whiskey
X - X-Ray
Y - Yankee
Z - Zulu

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