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WinSCP is a file management and data transfer application that far surpasses the offerings of most FTP applications, offering true SFTP, SCP, and FTP transfer protocol options for maximum flexibility and security. WinSCP is provided to the Open Source community for free, and is actively under production with enhancements released on a regular basis.

While many FTP applications now offer SFTP protocol options, WinSCP offers an extremely customizable interface and SSH integration options that put WinSCP at the forefront in this genre of applications. Some of the benefits of WinSCP include:

  1. Local Data Storage Options
    You can choose to store system settings in the local Windows registry or in a INI file (which can be used for transporting the settings from one machine to another)
  2. Folder Synchronization
    WinSCP provides an amazingly robust set of tools for automatic file synchronizations, giving you the ability to define the types of files that will be synchronized and the methods used for file comparison. 
  3. Automatic Synchronization - Priceless...
    This feature is incredible - point folder A and folder B - WinSCP monitors changes and automatically processes the updates. You can specify the types of files to be monitored, the frequency, turn on the feature and minimize it to your system tray. With this feature, you can work on a local software copy and test remotely without having to manually update the remote copy.
  4. Synchornized Browsing
    This is a feature that we've only found in CuteFTP, and which we've used to greatly improve productivity. This feature tracks your folder navigation between the local and remote folders - IE - You login to your remote server, match the folder path to your local copy of the server, and as you browse folders, both local and remote folder trees are navigating together. This is a little discussed option with heavy efficiency benefits.
  5. Custom Commands / Terminal Services
    Since WinSCP is designed to work as an SSH client, it provides customized command integrations that allow you to configure common terminal actions for quick management of your file data.
  6. The Security of SFTP
    SFTP is a SSH based transfer method that uses an encrypted channel for communications. This means that your data is more secure and there is MUCH less chance that your communications can be snooped by others.

To learn more about WinSCP, visit the official website at

WinWSP Features (as of 030909)

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