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These instructions will work for any MySQL database installed on a Linux server.  These instructions are specifically targeted at WHMCS users that are interested in upgrading to the new UTF8 standard, which is required for multi-lingual support.  These instructions are written assuming that you are logged into the Linux box command prompt with the required access.

  1. Backup the MySQL Database
    mysqldump --user=USERNAME -p --default-character-set=latin1 
    -c --insert-ignore --skip-set-charset -r whmcs_database.sql DATABASE_NAME
  2. Convert the Latin1 Encoding to UTF8
    iconv -f ISO8859-1 -t UTF-8 whmcs_database.sql > whmcs_database.utf8.sql
  3. Drop and Re-Create your database
    mysql --user=USERNAME -p --execute="DROP DATABASE DATABASE_NAME;
  4. Edit the SQL file using a UTF8 capable editor, like Notepad+. 
    ** You can skip this step and run the Step 6 PHP script instead
    Find and replace "CHARSET=latin1" with "CHARSET=utf8"
    Find and remove "set latin1 collate latin1_general_ci" from table field lines
    Save the file
  5. Import the updated UTF8 database
    mysql --user=USERNAME --max_allowed_packet=16M -p 
    --default-character-set=utf8 DATABASE_NAME < whmcs_database.utf8.sql
  6. Run the following PHP script that check and provide update SQL for any table fields that may need character set conversion.

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