Charging Apple iPhone Without Apple iTunes Installed

The Apple iPhone is pretty cool, but with it comes this pain in the neck software called Apple iTunes. Apple, as they often have done, has taken steps to ensure that your iPhone will not connect to the USB port of any computer without the iTunes application installed. In truth, what they have done is to not ( obviously ) release the DRIVER for the Apple iPhone in any fashion other than with their iTunes installation package. Most of us are unaware that the iTunesSetup.exe file that we download from Apple can be uncompressed before installation, and within that package there is a Windows Installation ( MSI ) file called AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi

This file is the driver for your iPhone, and other mobile Apple devices I suppose. The fact that the file is a hefty 12 mb indicates that it probably has a whole boatload of junk within it that we don't want loaded onto our computer - nevertheless - this is the file you can install that will allow you to Charge your iPhone without installing the iTunes junkware.

There are two ways to get this - one is to download AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi from our repository. The second is to download the newest iTunesSetup.exe and using an application like WinRAR, uncompress the EXE and locate the correct file.

Download AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi here.

Download iTunesSetup.exe from Apple here.

* Please Note *
Make sure to REBOOT after your install the driver for the changes to take place.  Also, if your iPhone has turned off because it ran out of battery, you will need to Plug it into the USB and then HOLD the power button for 1-2 seconds for the iPhone to turn on before the computer will recognize it.

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