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This article is intended for Web Site Administrators with full control of a dedicated server, running Apache, WHM, and cPanel for account management. Setting up an SSL Certificate for a Domain should always be performed by a knowledgeable web server administrator. If you are not the server administrator, please submit a ticket requesting the installation of your new SSL certificate.

The goal of this article is to explain a process for installing a Wildcard SSL certificate for a website domain. The following instructions assume that a valid account is already setup within the WHM environment, and that the account has a valid IP Address assigned, and the domain is successfully routing to the server.

How to Setup a Wildcard SSL Certificate within the WHM / CPanel environment.
  1. Download the Certificate CRT from your SSL Provider.
  2. Open the "List Accounts" dialog from within WHM and copy the Username and IP Address for the account in question.
  3. Open the "Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain" dialog within WHM and paste the CRT certificate into the first block.
    For WHM 11.38 and Higher you will then press the "Autofill by Certicaite" button.
  4. Verify that the correct account is loaded by comparing the username the one you previously copied.
At this point you would normally be complete, however this is where the WILDCARD certificate installation deviates from a typical installation.

For WHM Build 11.38 and Higher:

  1. Replace the "*." in the domain name with your subdomain.
    You will need to repeat all the steps for each subdomain you wish to use.

For Older WHM Builds: 

  1. Remove the "*." from the domain name.
  2. Paste the IP Address into the IP Address field.

Your domain should now read "", your username should match, and your IP address should be accurate for the account.  You are now ready to press "Submit".


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