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Google Provides some amazing tools for bringing life to your website. One of them is the integration of the Google Maps tool with your website to help visitors find directions to your location. An example is shown here.

The Google Maps integration is simple to do, and doesn't require any account with Google. Adding these neat little maps to your site will help people find you, and with the optional "Street View", you can even show your website visitors what your street and building look like! Wow!

Here's the low down on how you do it...

1) Go to

2) Enter Your Address in the Address Field and press "Search Maps"

3) If your location has a "Street View" available, you should see it in the popup window for your red push-pin that is placed on the map.

4) Setup the window the way you want your clients to see it. Move the Push-Pin, Move the Little "Street View" character, do whatever you want to get the map set the way you like it.

5) Click on the "Link to This Page" link at the top right of the page.

6) You have two options - you can copy the "Past Link" or the "Paste HTML"

7) If you choose the Paste Link option, then you can use that URL anywhere, in an email or a web page - anywhere you can think to paste a link... If you choose the Paste HTML option, you will need to place this code on a web page, blog, or somewhere that is going to be displayed on the web - like a Contact Page! Neat!

Fun with Google Maps!

David Hunt
The Holodyn Corporation

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