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InputDirector is a FREE application for Windows that allows you to share the keyboard and mouse from one computer with another (or several) computer.

InputDirector, similar to the well known Synergy application, allows you to share your Keyboard and Mouse between multiple computers.  Unlike Synergy, which is a cross-platform application, InputDirector works only on Windows computers.  The advantages of InputDirector for Windows users are:

  1. File Copy - It allows you to copy files from one machine to another via the clipboard.
  2. Simplicity - This application is super-simply to install and configure.
  3. Mouse Targeting - When the mouse moves from one screen to another, it will be surrounded by a halo that helps your eyes to find the cursor.
  4. Information Layover - a small transparent window on the screen shows you the mouse location.
We have tested on Windows Vista and Windows 7 and our experience is that the InputDirector is a better solution for our needs.  If you experience problems, then try Synergy - it has been a bread winner for many years.

To try InputDirectory, click here:


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